Mar 3, 2012

Christianism in Politics

A Christian is a follower of Christ,  which is what no Christian politician does; he's an Old Testament preacher.

I find it extremely upsetting to see so much christianism in politics.

First, it was the accusations that Barack Obama was not a Christian.  Apparently, he had joined the church over 20 years ago because he was secretly a Muslim from Kenya plotting to take over America and I remember some older church goers speculate his being the anti-christ- WTF!

The Christian's are at it again.  The right wing race for nomination is now "who's the most Christian."  In my understanding, the nominee may win the ticket if he can prove to be the biggest fuckbag most extreme right side of the right wing idiots to prove he's conservative and worthy of running our country the "christian way."

Today's "CHRISTIAN" is nothing but a government, just as it was before Jesus came around; they aren't christian, aka Christ Followers.

What is the point in calling your self Christian, aka a Christ follower by choosing to govern by the Bible?

The most IMPORTANT thing about the bible is found in the gospels.  Its the message of Jesus!  Did Jesus ever one tell people how to govern (like Moses)??

The gospels doesn't adhere to the old law.  Jesus taught you can live within law, but you will not be at peace in your heart if your mind and heart isn't good (He's not much different that the Buddha).

He taught to mind your fucking business and stop the hypocrisy!

As soon as he died, they started up the church again but in his memory and called him a God, a Saviour.  

Jesus would be disappointed in what happened since his death, in his honor law and bigotry was resurrected.

Mar 2, 2012

The Wall Street Horse Race

A publicly traded company works like this: 

Company makes a bet on how well they'll do in sales in a projected time. 

The public sees that bet and invests based on the support. The support will contain an action plan on how they elect to carry out the plan. If the company succeeds within a margin, the company is "a horse worth betting on", or on Wall Street, it's the company you buy stock in.

The horse runs four races per year.  If it doesn't do as well as he aimed, the horse gets beaten and the jockey gets fired.  

I hope you like metaphors :)


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