Jan 25, 2012

My Christian Friends Think I'm Christian

My Christian friends think I'm Christian because I ventured in for a bit and really haven't declared my freedom from years of brainwashing..   I got sucked in to Christianity. Who am I?  I’m a searcher.  A griper.  A complainer and an extremely judgmental girl.  Not necessarily judging people according to my standards but according to theirs- it’s sort of like my life is all about calling bluff!

It is what it is.  There is no right or wrong in general, just right or wrongs based on individual standards. or legislature.

But what are my beliefs??? 
Science and religion are correct!

There is a Creator; an energy that created everything.  I believe the creator to be a mind and to be everything.  I believe God is in us.  Our heads.  Our minds.  We're connected to the power source that created us.  He's the wind, the energy, the sunlight, the rain.  The force that causes the Earth to be alive with wind, rain, volcanoes, avalanches, tornadoes, mudslides. 

God is Life.
He's like what makes a battery work.
Power. Force. Energy. Gravity.

I do not believe him to be a man, or a committee of three men.  I do not feel He is there and we are here.  He is in us as we are in Him; we're an extension of God; life, energy, and power.

We are here to experience life.  I believe we have as much time as we want here. 

I believe we are a soul- We were alive perhaps as energy before we got our bodily vehicles and we'll live after we have worn out our bodily vehicles. 

If I'm wrong, so be it.  I don't remember my life preconception and I can't see into the future so I'm not going to waste too much time arguing the afterlife.
We are here to experience a bodily life and to be happy.  or miserable.  or both. 

I think we're here because we wanted to be here.  We are in THIS body because that's the FLESH MOBILE that was available at the time of our arrival here. 

Abortion or Miscarriage =  No vacancy for the soul to enter. 
The soul goes to the next Flesh Mobile available.  That's my best answer. 
Why? Because I don't think we have the ability to actually KILL - (sending "life" to heaven or hell)

Okay- here it is- I don't believe in Heaven and Hell.

I DO NOT BELIEVE IN HEAVEN  to be a place to go after you die
IF you belong to the Republican party
IF you're good / 
IF you're saved / 
IF you're saved- BUT not gay AND don't have abortions BUT you can KILL in a war...
NOPE-No Heaven when you die.

I DO NOT BELIEVE IN HELL to be a place to go to after you die 
IF you belong to the Democratic party
IF you're bad, 
IF you're not saved, 
IF you kill babies 
IF you are gay

 there is NO COSMIC, Godly rule against GAYS, DEMOCRATS, INTERRACIAL DATING...etc.  

Christianity In a Nutshell:

*A belief in God, God in human form, and God in us. Trinity, you have to believe in all of them. 

*Ten commandments--You're not supposed to do anything listed there.  NEVER EVER.  But if you do, you can ask for forgiveness and it'll be okay- but ONLY if you ASK Jesus to be YOUR LORD and personal saviour-- because this REALLY MEANS that you don't even have to do the whole TEN COMMANDMENT thing... Nope you're exempt! woohooo! 

*Oh yeah, you can only go to Heaven if you have done that... if you don't you'll go to Hell.

*THE BEST PART ABOUT ALL THAT IS :  Once you've done all that- you can tell everyone where they are going if they do something against the Commandments (even if you don't know whether that person has asked for forgiveness and has Jesus as their Lord and personal savior)....You are RIGHTEOUS and get to do this :)

What do I think about Jesus?  I love Jesus.
Jesus got it (so did Buddha and Martin Luther King, Jr and lots others). 

Unlearn everything you were taught about religion, start fresh and read the Bible, really read in Matthew, Mark, Luke or John (this is where you read about Jesus)... You get something pretty close to this explanation here:

Jesus got upset at people and their religious Hypocrisy (the state of pretending to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually have).

He thought about it- in fact he became concerned with what religion told him (at a very early age) that he spent a lot of time studying it.
He figure out God wasn't what they were teaching the people.  
He bashed religion.  and Church. 

He got it.  He got the meaning to life. He taught how to live.  How to be.  How to get what he got/ achieve the peace he achieved.  He was a teacher.  A loving teacher.

The disciples were understudies.  They were supposed to understand it as FULLY as Jesus.  They did most of it but it but Jesus died before they could REALLY understand what Jesus was teaching them.

This one man was getting followers and more were believing him and all this was upsetting the way the others (jews) had set up EVERYTHING! the way they lived; the way they had control over people.

They went after him.  This one man caused so much upset to disprove the wrong things in to make a change- a big change.  They killed him.  Can't have this ANYMORE.  

His followers made him a God.
You know how when someone is dying they tell you things.  They tell you it's important you remember.  You hear it, but don't understand it... but in time the "AHA" thingy clicks- out of nowhere... you realize what they needed you to remember. 

I think that happened. While grieving over the loss of their friend, their leader.  They mulled over their time together.  and it hit him- he had to be God.  This isn't what Jesus told them to do.....................

Then they went to tell people about it- EVERYONE. 


Saul had been after them (the Jesus followers)- all of them who bought in to the "mess" that Jesus taught.  He killed all (the Jesus followers) he could because he fought for his religion. BUT ONE DAY- he got it.  The "AHA" thingy clicked.  He was in the middle of nowhere... probably mulling over the whole "good news" thing... and it bought knocked it down.  (the bible story is WAY more metaphoric).  but he thought about it and in order to believe it as a truth, God must confirm it.  But it seems so right... what if Jesus.... was... God...  He HAS TO BE, Oh my GOOODNESSSSSS!

Saul wasn't a persecutor anymore so he changed his name to Paul.
Paul went to tell everyone about it. (he was SOOO excited you can just see him running!!!)

(now he understood what Jesus had taught, but he added that Jesus was God to it so what he learned and understood wasn't the purpose of his sharing).

They started up a church because God came and taught us this stuff-
Then they made up rules... 
Then Paul sent letters trying to educate them...
and then they made more RULES to go by (and to correct the other rules) to ensure you understand it.
The teachings get lost to more as aspirations-- achievements if you were perfect. 
THE GOOD NEWS is this: if you believe what Jesus taught was true, then all that stuff is not real.

The teachings were realizations.  The teachings are things you have to REALIZE and then you have peace.

Then there were arguments and changes and better versions.
The people split into denominations and faiths.


I believe in God, the Creator.
I love that Jesus taught me that all the man made stuff isn't the secret to Heaven (happiness).
I love that I am free to experience life as I wish- without condemnation.
I love Jesus.
I love Martin Luther King Jr. just the same.

My friends think I'm Christian because I haven't told them the way I see things..... 


  1. I like/appreciate how open and honest you are with your opinions and decisions!



    1. How exciting to have a blogger that I follow come by to see me! Thank you so much for coming by and for the sweet comment Believe me, I'm not that open in person-- that's why it's written here ;)



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