May 8, 2012

The Prejudice, The Proud, The Christian

Today I sit, thinking about this nation
About legalized discrimination.
How the bible for Christians is absolute truth
But only when they want to control what you do.
Condemnation in our nation
That was founded to be free
No "ifs, and or buts" were in our decree
Until now, in this day we vote to include
Or remove
People who majority feels are entitled to.
But no law was lay to exclude these right. Right it was until the righteous give fight.
I say cast out the righteous for he thinks hes above,
The self elected judge but holy for none.
Poor depiction of what I thought a Christian would be
A fool was I to think his blessings are free.
It is embarrassing that this state is closely watched. I fear majority will publicly disown many of its citizens, the many who are human, just like us. Condemned, cast out, and spit on. A big fat "fuck you" from the prejudice, the proud and the Christian.

May 1, 2012


"To Keep the Faith, Don't Get Analytical"

According to a new study, The Thinker's reflective pose (left) promotes religious disbelief, while other poses do not.
Credit: Source: Wikimedia
The foundation of our beliefs is due to the influences at a very early age when we relied on direction for survival which was the same time we learned the red burner was hot. This is imprinting. The child who accepts the burner is hot by being told is more intuitive and less analytic than the child who is determined to find out on his own.

I speculate that the child who never questions or expresses analytical thinking patterns are more acceptable to "doing as told" and "believing as taught."  He is prone to side with majority and less likely to research for himself.  He is more likely to believe media. He is also probably the more well behaved child, causing less conflict and disruption in the household.

As the adult, he would be good in a setting where this type of rote behavior is desirable- in a field, fenced in with a caretaker present in a job performing a task for sake of duty whose ideas are never considered.  He often joins a church that teaches the law and how to judge others by the law but learns to ignore his wrongs for he is saved.

So what you have is a box, the size of the United States of America, filled with these people telling other people how to live, how to believe and how he isn't favored by God.

A recent study was performed to target the thinking styles to determine the probability of being a 'believer' based on such. The study leans in the direction where analytical thinking patterns belong more to the less religious where the more intuitive seemed more religious.

The study wasn't 100% conclusive and only offered speculatory findings but I feel the study itself offers a window for further exploration.

It would be interesting to follow a study group of children like I described above because of course, this post is merely my opinion and an analytic viewpoint, but I guess you're aware of that.

I would like to play ping pong with this idea.  Derek, I know you'll challenge me and induce more thought...

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