Jul 4, 2012


"Always" is a word we should separate ourselves from as it could be but a curse to the future but I always find myself at the same crossroads, philosophizing my purpose, life and how love fits into the whole scheme.

From my prospective, one must forfeit his destiny to belong with another in form of ever lasting love.  My mind, body and spirit are so intermingled with reason, logic, point of view, love and creativity that I find it impossible to change from what drives me in all directions to a standard household, chore-bound wife.

Don't get me wrong; I have a thing about the fifties' housewife and her honorable adoration for home, husband and family so I feel like a rebellious hippy to be a 34 year old single mother who blogs her wild mind ramblings, attempting to figure out the world on her own, one subject at a time.

Is there truly a counterpart for someone who compliments the oddities I posses or am I forever to search and settle for episodes or people who mesh short term?

I am in love with the idea of love but disappointment and loneliness fit like it's my true destination.
Don't read me wrong, I'm not depressed; I am just pondering my imagination and somehow unlimited supply of questions.

I watched another movie tonight. I blame it for this post. Oh yeah... movies have a way of stirring up my brain dust.  Tonight's movie is titled The River Why.


  1. Didn't see that one either. I think, honestly, I am a better single. I was a good wife the first time around, but the challenges in that relationship weren't normal and it crashed and burned. I'm so set in my ways now, just stubborn really, that it's very hard to accommodate another.

    1. I think it must be an age thing? The older we get, the less likely we'll accomodate? I've been unmarried since 21. Looked for marriage ever since but I'm accepting it isn't happening! I get fed up too easily and I prefer making my decisions without being questioned.... :( BTW- I loved The River Why!


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