Jul 10, 2012

New Site Announcement

You can now follow me on Wordpress.  I'm still considering pet, writing under petpisces. 

Link:  http://consideringpet.wordpress.com/

If you follow me here, please click the link and follow me there or add the address to your reader list through manage settings.

As I post, I may try to import to Blogger for a while as I transition, but I'm not promising :)

Why the move?

Wordpress actually uses the labels/ tags and connects readers to your blog. 
There's a reblog option
There's an option to find blogs to read based on your interests.

On top of all that, I like the look of Wordpress; I could never find a template that satified me here.

I will keep my blogger account and continue to follow my favorite blogs!

If you are interested in how I imported all of my posts, along with their comments because you are interested in moving to Wordpress (hint, hint), let me know. It was COMPLETELY easy!!!

Jul 6, 2012

Emotions of a Hunter

If you are a girl, looking for a guy and require an emotional attachment from him, then please don't choose a guy who hunts.  Just a wild speculation but I'm confident I'm on to something here.

Please follow my thought.

I base this consideration on my personal experience and now looking back into many years of relationships.  One thing in common with the men who've seemed less emotionally attached are the men who've hunted.

What's the deal with a hunter?  I'll tell you the deal.

Hunters learn at an early age by instruction of an elder to suck it up.  Naturally, kids love animals but to hunt you have to bury that love, the empathetic love down deep in the back of the heart.


Well, it is one thing to be able to look into the eye of a deer through a scope of a rifle and pull the trigger, 50-100 yards away.  If the gunman looks too long or hesitates in any way, he will not shoot.  He's looked too long and an emotional attachment has spoken and won the hunter's heart.  In order to be a successful shooter, you must spot, set your sites and shoot without hesitation.

That is the first part, there's another.

The next part is the hard part, the true test to the hunter's heart.

The hunter must confront the dead animal.  He loads the animal onto his truck bed and then transports it to the skinning location.  He hangs it by it's rear end.  He cuts its throat and drains the blood from the animal.  He uses a knife and skins the animal, pulling every piece of skin off its body, exposing the underneath muscle, ligaments and bones and even more blood.  He proceeds to cut the animal into bits for consumption.  He'll even remove the head and save it as a trophy.

This isn't a natural, easy task.  Any boy learning to hunt had to learn how to bury the emotion that makes you sick to read about the process.

Mentally, put yourself at the side of the hunter and take the knife from his hands to do this task on your own, or mentally, stand by his side and watch as the hunter does it.

Think about your ability to hunt in the way I've described and compare it to the emotions of love for your spouse/partner.

As I compare my experiences with the hunter I've described and the emotional attachment received from past boyfriends, it becomes clear to me why they can seem emotionally disconnected, they're rough in the heart and calloused seeming.

I believe when the child learning to hunt buried the emotional attachment to animals, he learned to bury it in every way; he hardened his heart.

This doesn't mean the hunter doesn't love or that he won't love but I do believe the emotional nurturing from him will be lacking.  He will not cry when you break up with him, he's learned how to be hardened to hurt.

Jul 4, 2012


"Always" is a word we should separate ourselves from as it could be but a curse to the future but I always find myself at the same crossroads, philosophizing my purpose, life and how love fits into the whole scheme.

From my prospective, one must forfeit his destiny to belong with another in form of ever lasting love.  My mind, body and spirit are so intermingled with reason, logic, point of view, love and creativity that I find it impossible to change from what drives me in all directions to a standard household, chore-bound wife.

Don't get me wrong; I have a thing about the fifties' housewife and her honorable adoration for home, husband and family so I feel like a rebellious hippy to be a 34 year old single mother who blogs her wild mind ramblings, attempting to figure out the world on her own, one subject at a time.

Is there truly a counterpart for someone who compliments the oddities I posses or am I forever to search and settle for episodes or people who mesh short term?

I am in love with the idea of love but disappointment and loneliness fit like it's my true destination.
Don't read me wrong, I'm not depressed; I am just pondering my imagination and somehow unlimited supply of questions.

I watched another movie tonight. I blame it for this post. Oh yeah... movies have a way of stirring up my brain dust.  Tonight's movie is titled The River Why.

Life, A Chance to Observe

I, over the last thirty four years have observed, examined many facets of this life with the perspective of the eyes and mind that were bestowed to me upon my arrival. I became attached to this form and to this world and experiences and causes and solutions. There is a magnificent force about being here that love and attachment are hard to resist.

We are but aliens visiting this dimension, after all and through our journey we have each experienced all emotions previously warned by those who have proceeded us.

I, like most of my other counterparts have become of this world and it is so great, this attachment to flesh, that we fail to recall that we were loaned these fleshy vehicles for the tour.

With this life comes loss of memory whence we came.  We speculate with adoration who we were before and what will become once we leave.  To be here is the gift; the present and to write is to record our journey; read to learn others'.

This consideration came while watching  Meet Joe Black last night.  I've seen the movie many years ago and chose it as a late night flick.  I urge you to watch this movie (again if it's been a while since your viewing) and take on the perspective of Joe.  He's in body form.  Unattached to the world.  Everything is new in experience and how quickly we can become attached to this world through love, a magnet.

I have a thing for movies that provokes such considerations.  Don't waste your time here.  Don't be attached to it.  Navigate it with purpose.  Record.  Leave.

Read my other Life Considerations.  Indulge.

Until next thought- Happy trails!


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