Oct 10, 2011

Cure for Allergies

Allergies have risen nearly twenty percent in the last decade- both food,pollen, animal dander alike.

After following my thoughts on the subject I've accepted this idea: Imported fruits and vegetables are to blame for the seasonal/pollen allergy crisis.

It's a known remedy or myth that eating local honey would immunize your system from these threats. 

I bet if we looked into the last hundred years, I imagine these allergies did not exist- why? Because people ate what they grew or bought from a local gardener. 

All fruits and vegetables contain local pollen and when digested, the body is then able to accept/ properly fight off anything harmful before exposure to the respiratory system. 

This is NOT like receiving a flue shot---it's better!

What we have now is imported fruits and vegetables containing pollens and air contaments not common in your residing location. In NC, our markets offer oranges from Florida, grapes from California, corn from Nebraska, and we even partake in exotic fruits outside our continent.

I believe this earth offers only good stuff to keep our bodies healthy, it is up to us to relearn the important factors.

Oct 6, 2011


Self becomes reliant on another for life and happiness when the only nourishment source comes from another self that occupies another body. Forming a dependence on having a relationship with another self as means of survival is a mind game one places on his own self.

He becomes depressed when refused happiness but it is self who negotiates and defines what should make him happy.

Self must learn to look out the window at freedom and take hold of the key he’s swallowed that locks him into his own captivity. He must run away from the confines he places on himself. A relationship with another self is great and should be enjoyed, as with all activities. A relationship should never be the ones source of happiness.

Selves are created equally. All selves are supplied with the same ingredients. It's the ability to grow the self that sets him a part from the others. Self reliance is bravery and envied by other selves. Self learns dependency at an early age and it's the strong, successful is the parent who teaches the little selves to be self reliant, to create his own world and to grow it.

Unity is to become one. This cannot exist. Until the self realizes there is no other self to complete the self, he'll never realize his value and purpose. Two cannot become oneself, nor one- whichever he feels he desires. Another cannot complete in one that one needs to fulfill on his own. Completeness is created in the mind by self nourishment.

Follow your thoughts and dreams because that is your expression of life.
One's role model should only be those who are self reliant.

Self is responsible for his learning. Knowledge is free. Schooling is the foundation for methodical learning and a degree is but a label of establishment in order to impose a learning.

Learn how to learn. Teach how to learn. Encourage to challenge your own abilities.


There is no enemy nor hero but the self.
There is no life but the one experienced by the self and death is the denial of self.
Self can only be caged by his own will.
He can only be victimized by his own will.
He can only be hurt by his own will.
He negotiates his own terms for living and means of happiness.

The Brain is Like the Universe

True liberation is the spirit on the mountaintop arms wide open because no one thing in the world limits its ability to think

Break away from the world’s attempts to suppress and repress the soul’s understanding; honor the mind's invigorating motive to explore every outlet of the neocortex.

The mind is as infinite as the universe. You can never reach an end to a thought, you’ll only reach a point of satisfaction of a thought and that happens when you accept an understanding of a subject. 

Knowledge is growing the thought patterns, following them and building them by exploring thought. No thought is erased. No idea is lost as it will resurface in its due time.

Oct 5, 2011

Save Humanity, Not the Earth!

I'm considering the "Save the Earth" slogan and really it's is not saving the earth at all, it's "Save Humanity," as pointed out by a friend. 

We're not destroying the earth with our garbage, we're simply making inhabitable over time for the humans. So, I was right- it's not to"Save the Earth" our reasons for going "Green." 

Quite frankly- everything made on earth was made by something of the earth. The earth has and endless supply of all kinds of goodness. 

And just when the earth has had enough, she erupts her volcanos and desolves human work; she releases her winds to reclaim her landscape; she implodes her waters and spits it ashore to digest our efforts to defeat her.

Man will continue to try and dominate the earth, the earth will always prove to be bigger, better, faster, self sufficient and self reliant. She will always win.


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