Apr 27, 2012

Updated:Going Back to the Start

Imagine standing in your yard. 
You were just dropped off on Earth for the first time ever. 
What do you do for food? 

If we looked to the very beginning of us, could we learn how to live again?

What attributes do we have to help us?

Our senses- Sight, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting.
Our upright design
The way we move.

So we're dropped off and are hungry so what do we eat?
Best to start looking around the land, smelling aromas and tasting samples.

I'm pretty sure this is the way we are suppose to eat.  From the land.
At some point, I suppose vegetation died off (seasonally) and we started attacking animals to eat. 

Wonder what the first kill tasted like?  When did man learn to cook it rather than to eat it raw?
Perhaps the rivers went dry and we sought after cow and goat milk.

Today, we eat concoctions of who knows what and are dying of so many diseases.

Of course meats and dairy are sources of nutrients, because animals eat nutritiously.
Notice the animals we eat are vegetarians?
If cows ran out of vegetation and humans to feed them, would they eat each other?
What started our meat-eating behavior?
What ailments could we avoid if we stopped eating manufactured food substances and meat?

Just a thought.  Hope it encourages you to think.

"Act like you have some sense" -My daddy always told me...
but I say "live like you have your senses."


After discussing this thought with a friend of mine, I accepted another viewpoint...

"Sure we ate vegetation, but man got tired of eating grass all the time and saw a two thousand pound animal on tooth picks and wasn't fast enough to get away so man stripped it of every bit of goodness like grand theft auto and was happy then he learned he could raise it and sell it.  Man lives longer today than ever before, sure we get cancer diabetes and whatnot but we were put here to enjoy all the goodness of the earth and to be happy."


  1. I think we would adapt like our chimpanzee cousins

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