May 8, 2012

The Prejudice, The Proud, The Christian

Today I sit, thinking about this nation
About legalized discrimination.
How the bible for Christians is absolute truth
But only when they want to control what you do.
Condemnation in our nation
That was founded to be free
No "ifs, and or buts" were in our decree
Until now, in this day we vote to include
Or remove
People who majority feels are entitled to.
But no law was lay to exclude these right. Right it was until the righteous give fight.
I say cast out the righteous for he thinks hes above,
The self elected judge but holy for none.
Poor depiction of what I thought a Christian would be
A fool was I to think his blessings are free.
It is embarrassing that this state is closely watched. I fear majority will publicly disown many of its citizens, the many who are human, just like us. Condemned, cast out, and spit on. A big fat "fuck you" from the prejudice, the proud and the Christian.


  1. My job isn't guaranteed after September. I am more eager to look north. I am a Christian and try to show people daily that doesn't mean I'm less intelligent, bigoted or out of touch. Now, in NC, it's a curse word to so many.

  2. Love it darling! lets follow each other <3



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