Jul 4, 2012

Life, A Chance to Observe

I, over the last thirty four years have observed, examined many facets of this life with the perspective of the eyes and mind that were bestowed to me upon my arrival. I became attached to this form and to this world and experiences and causes and solutions. There is a magnificent force about being here that love and attachment are hard to resist.

We are but aliens visiting this dimension, after all and through our journey we have each experienced all emotions previously warned by those who have proceeded us.

I, like most of my other counterparts have become of this world and it is so great, this attachment to flesh, that we fail to recall that we were loaned these fleshy vehicles for the tour.

With this life comes loss of memory whence we came.  We speculate with adoration who we were before and what will become once we leave.  To be here is the gift; the present and to write is to record our journey; read to learn others'.

This consideration came while watching  Meet Joe Black last night.  I've seen the movie many years ago and chose it as a late night flick.  I urge you to watch this movie (again if it's been a while since your viewing) and take on the perspective of Joe.  He's in body form.  Unattached to the world.  Everything is new in experience and how quickly we can become attached to this world through love, a magnet.

I have a thing for movies that provokes such considerations.  Don't waste your time here.  Don't be attached to it.  Navigate it with purpose.  Record.  Leave.

Read my other Life Considerations.  Indulge.

Until next thought- Happy trails!

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  1. I've never seen it. We have a wall o' movies, but I don't think that one is here.



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