Sep 16, 2011


It is my heaven to be lost in my thoughts with my pen. When in need of inspiration, I return to a book whose author embraces his heaven and invites me into it; it opens up a new window to my heaven.  Glory is the revelation to understand his picturesque language of choice that so intricately defines his heaven to an extent that grows my heaven!  The world is of thought and heaven is experienced as soon as we visit or feel it.  To be filled so fully with wonder and inspiration, to allow the Kingdom of Heaven be realmed inside of us is baptism and this is the true experience of love.

No material thing in this world could ever provide the pleasures of heaven.  Beauty lies within the heart; the mind, not in looks but in the awakening from within.   The world forms us to be outward in action but you must wake up your inside!  Observe, not to judge what you see but to build your heaven.  This is our meaning.  Life is in the waters that flow within!  People are the winds that create the currents, yourself- the boat with a destiny.  Let the waters take you where it may and heaven is the experience of peace!

We long to do things in the flesh- vacations to mountains and coasts, to tropical isles and sunny deserts but that is not where the satisfaction is.  There will only be dissatisfaction in the flesh but the experience in the mind, in the thought, in the language that builds the idea or the dream that creates a smile in the heart.  The answer is within!  No medications, nor foods, nor man's interpretations can satisfy the hunger for heaven and the longing to return to it!

It is a disease that we suffer works, giving ourselves to employers, to works for people and arguments over views of anything.  Once heaven is experienced by anyone, the answer is known to him.  For we long to return to heaven while we are away doing the fleshy things man requires of us.  The pressures we bring upon ourselves, making us slaves to anything, to any person, to any object.

Blessed are the homeless, the jobless, the fatherless, the childless and the friendless.  For the freedom of heaven is his, without interruption!  Nothing pulls him away from heaven to answer to the world.  He is in the world, but not of it and therefore it serves him.  He submits to no one, nor is he forced to be anyone who he isn't.  He lives in his privacy and God is with him.

What man calls disfigurement or deformity is not of the individual for he is most honorable!  Blessed is he whose embodiment is immobile as his expectations to perform in this world is not demanded.  Notice how he smiles!  He may be without communication or expression to tell you about it, but he has it!

How stupid is the one that gets caught up with the world and with performances! Emerson best paints with vocabulary his understanding.  The blessed man invited me to share the secret to heaven.  Seeds are thoughts and oh how they grow! They grow as the reach the paper- never to be forgotten.  Perhaps heaven, of thinking and writing his world, belong to the poet.  But aren't we all poets?   Dreams, imaginations and vacations are a piece of the mind, escape routes from the prisons of the world.

Free is the man locked up in solitude for he is able to experience heaven should he seek it.

Blessed is he who can forget the fears man has instilled in him.  Blessed is he who shows this instruction effectively to his children.  Blessed is the relationship when the couple both embrace heaven and fleshly requirements to fulfill a fleshy need.  Blessed is the humbled spirits and the unison of the two.

Cursed is the worldly man who work for desires.  For heaven will not be gotten.


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