Oct 5, 2011

Save Humanity, Not the Earth!

I'm considering the "Save the Earth" slogan and really it's is not saving the earth at all, it's "Save Humanity," as pointed out by a friend. 

We're not destroying the earth with our garbage, we're simply making inhabitable over time for the humans. So, I was right- it's not to"Save the Earth" our reasons for going "Green." 

Quite frankly- everything made on earth was made by something of the earth. The earth has and endless supply of all kinds of goodness. 

And just when the earth has had enough, she erupts her volcanos and desolves human work; she releases her winds to reclaim her landscape; she implodes her waters and spits it ashore to digest our efforts to defeat her.

Man will continue to try and dominate the earth, the earth will always prove to be bigger, better, faster, self sufficient and self reliant. She will always win.


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