Dec 30, 2011

Dating Do Nots

I had a difficult time naming this entry because this isn't necessarily a guide to catching a keeper.
It's a "How to Behave" type of entry.

Step outside the box just for a minute and reflect on your behavior in your current courtship, but first, let us look at the facts:

1. You have children
2. You work to provide
3. You are rearing them
4. You cook
5. You have a house
6. You do the laundry, yard work, dishes, clean toilets and floors and take the trash to the dump and even fix crap you despise fixing simply because you have no choice.
7. You pay your bills- on time/ late but you stress and aim to do it- because you have to.
8. I could go on and on

When everything is quiet, you read when you can, watch movies, paint your nails, take a hot steamy baths and go shopping... when you can and if you can afford to... Sometimes, you want a man. Of course! Look at what all is going on! You're alone! Imagine the stress from the list above you could cross out if only you had that partner in life.

So what do you do? This is what you SHOULD NOT DO!!! Don't woo him, flatter him and beg him to be your man. Don't wait for him, caress him and tell him how bad you want him. Why?

I wrote another piece on this- read it- Leader of the Pack

We're all animals on this earth. You are the alpha female. He should pick you out, woo you, flatter you and beg you to be his woman. He should adore you so much that he just can't rest without knowing he'll be taking care of your kids and you.

You have everything in your world. Let him prove himself- and don't go committing your destiny to this guy if he hasn't proved to be the following: to be big enough, strong enough, friendly enough, and smart enough to be the leader of your pack.

Do not chase the man.  Do not invite him out.  Do not ask him to stay. Do not be waiting for him.  Do not stop your routines because you meet someone new.  Do not REARRANGE your calendar or stop everything for HIM.

UNLESS you meet this criteria right here---> you are homeless.

I thought I was done but I must put this out there. If you are single and dating...if you have a home, a job, a car- KEEP THEM! They go by another name- Independence.  Do not drop everything you have in life to be "kept" because at that point- he owns you. DUH.

If you are not married, he should NEVER co sign... on anything. If you can't get it on your own, you don't need it.


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