Dec 30, 2011

We are Wolves!

It's easy to understand families when you learn to understand wolves.  It may also help in the dating world because it's apparent that men and women alike tend to forget their place.  When you know your place, you'll know what you're looking for. I'm sharing the wolves information as taken from another blog, Terrierman's Daily Dose for my comparison.  Do read on!!!

This is describing the make up of a wolf pack- which I compare to human family:
You see, a wolf pack is made up of a single dominant male, a single dominate female, and several satellite females, generally from previous whelps. Male wolves are driven out around or by 18 months of age because by then, the young males of these respective species are big enough to hunt on their own and yet they are also beginning to become potential rivals for females. The top male cannot have that.

It is suppose to work this way in the human world too.  Father, mother, children.  They should leave the home.  period.

Reiterating that you need to prepare your children to be adults.  They must leave the home:
Dominance creates wolf packs and dominance maintains wolf packs. The driving out of adolescent males is at the core of how wolf packs are created and maintained. This is dominance. And it is Wolf Pack 101.

And here's the human mama- she's wolf like too:
What about females? The female wolves in a wolf pack also have their dominance issues. You see with wolves, there may be many mature females in the pack, but there will almost always be only one female who will come into estrus, be mated, and whelp.

How it works.... Pay attention ladies!
How is that "top female" determined? Well, the male picks her, of course (or vice versa if the pack has lost its alpha male). The individual picked is generally the healthiest and strongest female in the group - the one that all the other females are submissive to.

Family started, then what???:
A strong and lucky male may hold a top slot for as long as a decade, but more often that not the top male will die from injuries or disease long before that. And with that male's death, a new male, from outside the pack, will be recruited and a complete out-cross achieved.

Single mama now?  What to do?:
This doesn't happen overnight. A new Alpha doesn't just "get to claim territory,"The Alpha Female of the pack, will let a new alpha male spend about 6 hours, bowing, flexing, strutting, sniffing, and facing down all the females in the pack before he is deemed to be big enough, strong enough, friendly enough, and smart enough to be the leader. And in the end, the older, but still fertile, alpha female can be won over and the old leader's slot be handed to him.

I hope this resonates with you. 

Single ladies,
Stop hunting for your pack leader.  When you're approached by a man, let him bow, flex, strut and all that.  Let him work to get your approval.  Don't just make him leader because he's the first one that comes around!!!  

Read more about wolf behavior here: Dominance Creates and Maintains Wolf Packs
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