Jun 27, 2012

What I Won't and Will Miss

Nora Ephron made a list of note about what she won't and will miss.  She died yesterday and I hope she doesn't miss a thing.  Read her list here.

Nora's list was inspiring because I had not thought about what I would miss when I leave this life; I tend to miss what leaves my life and I had not pondered what I would not miss.

The view in my pod in which I sit at this time is obstructed by white cloth panels so my perspective and accuracy will be obstructed, too.

What I will not miss
  1. Travel time.  I imagine thought and experience will be spontanteous.
  2. Failed communication.  I am not effective in conveying what I really mean.  My new world will be all about mind reading and intuitive understanding.
  3. Heart break.
  4. Cleaning house, though the times I turn on the music and get busy let me think it's not so bad.
  5. Cutting down trees.  These pictures touched my soul
  6. Weeds in the garden
  7. Humidity and extreme heat.
  8. Dispising getting wet in the rain.  I imagine it to be delectable.
  9. Being inable, financially.
  10. Waiting for replies
  11. Being ignored
  12. Work
  13. Bills
  14. Feeling lonely
  15. Wearing shoes
  16. Child abuse
  17. Animal cruelty
  18. War

What I will miss

  1. My children, Clay and Ava
  2. Clay's hilarious sense of surprise and intelligence
  3. Ava's tenderness, innocence and lovingness
  4. Having my hair played with
  5. Feeling my back rubbed
  6. Watching my dogs play in the yard
  7. Karen Surratt
  8. Getting wet in the rain.  I'll be angry for never appreciating it
  9. Writing
  10. Tasting great food
  11. The feeling of sex and experiencing oneness with my love.
  12. Being a teen
  13. Being a mother
  14. My physical body because I'm so connected to it at this time, it's proof I'm me.
  15. The coast
  16. The idea of being at the coast
  17. West Virginia and Kentucky and home
  18. Having coffee and smoking
  19. That feeling when the house is clean
  20. Acting silly and being a big goofball
  21. Learning
  22. Reading Emerson

I believe more things belong on this list but keep in mind I wrote this while sitting at work.  Missings may get another blog post soon.

What will you miss?  What will you not miss?  Please comment below, let's relate :)


  1. I will not miss:
    1) Anger from those I love
    2) The loneliness of being without Olivia
    3) Being fat
    4) Working because I have to
    5) Bill collectors

    I will miss:
    1) My husband
    2) My family and the way I feel when I'm with them
    3) The chance to mother again
    4) Books
    5) Music

    1. Have you ever given thought to this before?
      I mentioned above that I hoped Nora doesn't miss a thing and what I meant was her happiness and not having a care in the world for what she left behind. Now that I reply, I think that it would be sad to meet people after this life who didn't miss a thing, as if they had lived a life they felt wasn't worth living. Who knows. Maybe we'll have no recollection at all but it's great to dream about living on.

  2. I never have. I have thought about death a lot. If I could have willed myself to die after Olivia did, I wouldn't be here. All I thought then was that nothing else mattered except she was gone. I can look at the last four years and think of a few instances I'm really glad I didn't miss.



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