Jul 10, 2012

New Site Announcement

You can now follow me on Wordpress.  I'm still considering pet, writing under petpisces. 

Link:  http://consideringpet.wordpress.com/

If you follow me here, please click the link and follow me there or add the address to your reader list through manage settings.

As I post, I may try to import to Blogger for a while as I transition, but I'm not promising :)

Why the move?

Wordpress actually uses the labels/ tags and connects readers to your blog. 
There's a reblog option
There's an option to find blogs to read based on your interests.

On top of all that, I like the look of Wordpress; I could never find a template that satified me here.

I will keep my blogger account and continue to follow my favorite blogs!

If you are interested in how I imported all of my posts, along with their comments because you are interested in moving to Wordpress (hint, hint), let me know. It was COMPLETELY easy!!!

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