Oct 6, 2011


Self becomes reliant on another for life and happiness when the only nourishment source comes from another self that occupies another body. Forming a dependence on having a relationship with another self as means of survival is a mind game one places on his own self.

He becomes depressed when refused happiness but it is self who negotiates and defines what should make him happy.

Self must learn to look out the window at freedom and take hold of the key he’s swallowed that locks him into his own captivity. He must run away from the confines he places on himself. A relationship with another self is great and should be enjoyed, as with all activities. A relationship should never be the ones source of happiness.

Selves are created equally. All selves are supplied with the same ingredients. It's the ability to grow the self that sets him a part from the others. Self reliance is bravery and envied by other selves. Self learns dependency at an early age and it's the strong, successful is the parent who teaches the little selves to be self reliant, to create his own world and to grow it.

Unity is to become one. This cannot exist. Until the self realizes there is no other self to complete the self, he'll never realize his value and purpose. Two cannot become oneself, nor one- whichever he feels he desires. Another cannot complete in one that one needs to fulfill on his own. Completeness is created in the mind by self nourishment.

Follow your thoughts and dreams because that is your expression of life.
One's role model should only be those who are self reliant.

Self is responsible for his learning. Knowledge is free. Schooling is the foundation for methodical learning and a degree is but a label of establishment in order to impose a learning.

Learn how to learn. Teach how to learn. Encourage to challenge your own abilities.


There is no enemy nor hero but the self.
There is no life but the one experienced by the self and death is the denial of self.
Self can only be caged by his own will.
He can only be victimized by his own will.
He can only be hurt by his own will.
He negotiates his own terms for living and means of happiness.


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