Oct 10, 2011

Cure for Allergies

Allergies have risen nearly twenty percent in the last decade- both food,pollen, animal dander alike.

After following my thoughts on the subject I've accepted this idea: Imported fruits and vegetables are to blame for the seasonal/pollen allergy crisis.

It's a known remedy or myth that eating local honey would immunize your system from these threats. 

I bet if we looked into the last hundred years, I imagine these allergies did not exist- why? Because people ate what they grew or bought from a local gardener. 

All fruits and vegetables contain local pollen and when digested, the body is then able to accept/ properly fight off anything harmful before exposure to the respiratory system. 

This is NOT like receiving a flue shot---it's better!

What we have now is imported fruits and vegetables containing pollens and air contaments not common in your residing location. In NC, our markets offer oranges from Florida, grapes from California, corn from Nebraska, and we even partake in exotic fruits outside our continent.

I believe this earth offers only good stuff to keep our bodies healthy, it is up to us to relearn the important factors.


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