Jan 12, 2012

Day at the Races- the Presidential Races

Well it’s here- the point in the race that makes you think that running for president is a big fat joke.

Let’s face it, what human being has not done bad things?  Every person who has held office had done something bad at some point in his life, if not every day.  You are just as qualified in the “I’ve done good things” department as any candidate in this 2012 presidential election and not all “bad things” in his closet disqualify him from being able to move this country forward. Okay? accept it

It's obvious the “good man” persona has fallen away from the republicans and they have now resorted to mudslinging.  Are you going to choose your leader to be the winner of a mud wrestling contest?  Get fed up already!! It’s high times you do!

So what’s the joke?  They all laugh now- apparently presidential candidates’ coaching techniques change through the years, so now you see them doing a lot of laughing these days.  GROW UP.  Laughter doesn’t make him closer to you, nor does it make him more likeable; he looks like a nervous idiot displaying faux confidence.

The fact is being President of the United States of America is the biggest position one can hold.  Some folks vote by party, some based on religious views but at the end of the day the vote should be based on WHAT IS THE CANDIDATE  OFFERING TO DO FOR YOU.

Fellow Americans, have you forgotten that the fate of this country is in our hands?  Take your attention away from the mudslinger and look to the one standing there in front of you with an objective to put this country; to put YOU back on your feet.

One man has a plan.  Review that plan.  Does it work for you?  If so, vote for him. One man just wants to be president and will do anything to get your vote- he doesn’t have a plan to help YOU- he just wants to throw dirt at the man who does.

Lastly, if no cadidate offers anything for you; if you do not believe in any of them; if no candidate secures your vote- DO NOT VOTE.


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