Jan 25, 2012

Tim Tebow and Jesus Christ

I read an interesting thought on Deep Thoughts and was compelled to inject my opinion- For some reason I liked it and found my opinion valuable and so it became blog-worthy...

So the article is about a church trying to raise $50k to persuay Tim Tebow to speak to Christians.  The thought is good, the article is good- Read it: Would Jesus charge a speaker’s fee?

My Thoughts on the matter (commented on the blog):

What's interesting is the comparison of Jesus and a praying football player who has received too much attention.
The media AND the outspoken, bible pushing Christians hail Tim Tebow as if he were Jesus Christ gone Football!
Now, I'm not following everything said about Tim in the media and I really try to avoid it as much as possible because it sickens me to no end, however I don't think Tim is going about TRYING to talk about his beliefs and brainwash folks..
The mere fact that a religious organization is chasing after this man for Christian reinforcement is ridiculous-as if the Church is saying "we're losing, we need a celebrity on this."
In my opinion, he's an onfield prayer whom I assume to be christian and people have found a new martyr (to some extent he'll be persecuted).
I honestly feel bad for him- he will be judged if he kisses a girl or takes a drink THANK THA LORD he walked a straight line while in Vegas the other week! I bet he had a woman and some drinks in his room tho *wink!

I encourage your response- please comment-


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