Jan 27, 2012

Facebook- For Men

Most men acknowledge the Man Code Law, it's inherent in men. It works like other laws- they serve as protection and abiding by the law ensures two things-

1. A lady will know she has a real man

2. The man keeps his respect and the identity as a man.

This law gravitates and is applied to anything social. Facebook is a great tool to see who does and who does not obey the Man Code Law.

The man who keeps his man card status in check does not post up to the minute / up to date status updates. If he does post a status, it should be informative or applicable to a man approved hobby, sport, music, movie, etc..- this complete list was handed out at time of entering manhood.

How can you tell if a man on Facebook has lost his man card?

1. He posts (unless it's purely informative) about his relations with girlfriends (if you're not clear on a particular post, look at who comments or likes the post- Do more women respond or do more men respond?).

2. When he posts about his looks, his hair, his clothes or in any other way expresses that he thinks too much about himself, he is acknowledging he is fine and dandy with not having a man card.

3. He posts status updates that should be directed to one person (apologies, begs for forgiveness or outcries of undying love- no matter how subtle) ----should not be posted by a man card holding man on Facebook. Ever.

4. Status updates are being groomed, having been groomed or discuss grooming appointments for all of Facebook land to see.

5. If he earns frequent flyer miles for posting more than a couple times per week, he is expressing attention seeking behaviors that surely qualifies as ground for revocation of his man card.

Manly Pictures- Man card holders are entitled to one self-taken photo to share. More than this and he appears to be just darn weird.

Men should NEVER undress and stand in front of the bathroom mirror to capture this shot. Some of us are wondering if he just pooped, fixing to poop or needing privacy from mama. Bottom line, bathrooms are not backgrounds for your image.

There isn't a known remediation for the man who has lost his man card by breaking the Man Code Laws, however if you suspect that you are in the process of losing it, it is of best interest that you follow the guidelines listed on your man packet and try again.

****It is important to understand the man card isn't revoked for using Facebook. It's the behavior you display it that threatens your man status.

Last but not least- Men don't poke other men.

Until next time!!!!

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