Jan 15, 2012

Military Bullets

This is one of those posts that will piss off majority of its readers.  But mostly it will because of their 'in box' thinking.  Guess what, this is my blog and these are my considerations.

One day, I began writing a letter to God because I thought I could be more open and honest with my thoughts- I mean, we just can't mask what we really thing from Him, ya know!

I'm sharing the nutshell of the letter from September; the time when patriotism rings her loudest.  I don't ask that you agree with me, nor hate me for my attempt to understand things at their basic level.  I only ask you consider what is before you.

Freshly on mind is the military support arguments.  Apparently, everyone but the government supports them according to the media and the folks who talk about what they saw on the news.  Here is my attempt to look at the basics of this matter- as this is my attempt to look at it, consider it, accept what I understand and to reject what isn't rational.

  • We have a military in place to protect US soil
  • but isn't this God's soil?
  • If we are protecting US soil, why are we active in all the other territories but our own?
  • Why does the US think he is world government to say what is right and wrong and to invade other countries?
  • Why do people "join" the military?
  • If people join for 'manly', patriotic reasons, why is compensation required AFTER service? Shouldn't he simply do his job? Why is getting benefits forever needed?  
  • Is this to persuade men to enlist?
  • If they join for 'freedom' purposes, tell me what is freedom?
  • If a man chooses to join a branch of military, he is agreeing that he will fight and kill others as needed as directed by his officials.  He signs up knowing the probability of going to war.
  • He knows that by going to war, he will be away from his loved ones in the US, he will be living in conditions that he is trained to survive in, but not accustomed to living in.
  • Reiterating that he decides to join the military, knowing all the above mentioned details.
  • Okay, then we look at the common American, the ones who "support our troops"
  • Why do they rally them on?
  • Why do they really think the war being fought is needed to keep our land- when our land isn't being fought over?
  • Why must we send care packages when they chose to do this job, away from many items and away from "love"
  • Why must we go on and on about patriotism and claim that You are on OUR side?
  • Why do we think we are right?
  • Why do we think others' affairs are our business?  Doesn't peace come when we MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS?
  • God, if we are praying to win these fights, I can only imagine our enemy's are praying the same prayer- which puts You in the position to choose sides!  What a dangerous tug of war we get ourselves into.
  • Lastly, what pisses me off is hearing that people join the military for a free education and gripe when they are called to duty.  
Yes, I believe we need every branch of military.  No, I am not knocking them.  Really, it's the rallying dumb-asses stateside crying for military rights and benefits that get under my skin.  The "If you won't stand behind them, then stand in front of them" people I'd really like to slap.  Get real people.  Joining the military is a choice. Everyone has to be on a bandwagon at some point.  I'm just on the one that bitches!

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