Feb 24, 2012

Death Considered

Jane Among The Ruins.

With a broken heart comes grief.  With grief comes pain and fear and loneliness and lowliness. A broken heart is caused by death.

Death is the permanent never to see, hear, touch, or smell again. The death of life, death of a relationship- destruction of common ground that caused your lives to be intertwined and the death of success, whether it be before or after achievement.

Death leaves the living in suffering with remembrance, with wrong decisions made, with blame, with arms not ready to be empty, with dreams undreamed, with plotted perfection to be had if another encounter were obtainable.

The living is left with uncounted ways of understanding the death but none to bring it back to life.

To the human death, a resurrection with uncause of death.  To the death of a relationship, the impossible erasing of disagreement, erasing the emotion experienced, resurrection of the pre-end.  The death of success, undo giving up.

Nothing is to be resurrected but the emotion surrounding the death.  The emotion is everlasting; it is the aftertaste. The emotion surrounding death is the acid in the pit of the stomach that makes it way into the esophagus and eventually the mouth, an unpleasant aftertaste with pain.

Life is built with the need of attachment but not prepared for the separation.  Life thrives on life and wilts without it.

Why are we so emotive?

"No matter how loud you shout and cry, they don't hear you anymore."

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  1. Very good, I see feel and taste your concern.



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