Feb 25, 2012


Should life merely be energy, it is possible to formulate our connection to other life but not without considering that individuals express different energy that mesh with our own.  These effects are accepted to be positive or negative as these energies have been identified by others prior to my consideration. There also is a neutral.

Calculated energy can only be measured by the effect exhibited through behavior. Our energy thrives on positive energy but the negative is just as prudent.  Mathematically, the amount of positive energy needed to overcome a negative is substantial and evident through mood, visible upon the pivot in pleasures after depression.

It is interesting how my consideration remind me of religious basics which personify these energies and are worshipped and feared. How love and hate are meaningful and how virtues of pleasure or pain have been regarded as final destinations when they are constant experiences in life.

Irony and metaphors create widespread religion by fear.  Fear is but a negative emotion constructed from negative energy with promise of a positive virtue.  A religion is but a lie, considering the fundamental basis of life.

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