Feb 17, 2012

Rude Noisemaker

I was sitting on the balcony, four stories up which overlooks the front parking lot at work. 

Today, the sun is warm and makes its vitamin offering hard to deny.

Up until this moment, I was involved in reading and I was very content.  That's when a noise draws my attention down to the parking lot, down to a lady who is proudly returning to work with a white paper bag that swings about because of her unsteady stride. 

The sound was like gift opening time during the holidays and all that is missing is laughter.  This was no time for laughter and laughter knew it.

We never know the effect we have on others.  We seem to only experience our piece. 

This lady annoyed me by her noise-making and in my mind, she is ignorant and disrespectful for pulling my attention from Kindle and demanding I watch her walk and she was clueless of her power.


  1. That's so true and funny--the effect other people can have on us!

    Also, you have a kindle? Don't you love it?! I adore mine! It has brought me a lot of joy.



    1. Happiness is being consumed in a peaceful place and the sadness is allowing a constant disturbing noise pull us away from that contentment :(

      I use the kindle app on my phone- I love it but I would enjoy the larger reader!



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