Feb 22, 2012

Corporate Cutbacks

The note is to announce "by doing this we're saving a whole bunch of money!!!"
We're suppose to understand.  And care.

There's no freaking way we spend $500k on cream and sugar. 

And we don't- what they've done is sent an official notice for the disgruntled people (EVERY COFFEE DRINKER HERE) and in order to have us say "oh wow, that's a lot" they put the dollar amount $500,000 per year.   I'd place a bet that daily landscaping crew that maintains our 11 acre campus costs more that cream and sugar and they told us about them and so it could add up to $500k.

If the note was just about cream and sugar- I imagine it may cost $1 maybe $2k?

In case you missed it- we lost half and halfs and some other items went missing around the office and my speculations were vomited here: How Companies Save Money It's not much different than the actual!

We recently received some feedback from employees about some changes in the way we service our U.S. corporate offices, and we wanted to let all employees know what is changing and why.

In support of company-wide expense reduction efforts, company name has implemented some changes that will save more than $500,000 each year. Some of them are more visible than others, but all changes are being done to improve efficiency and reduce costs:

  • Break room coffee service: We will continue to provide regular and decaffeinated coffee, sugar, powdered creamer and plastic utensils. All other creamers, sweeteners and beverages will be eliminated as stock runs out. 
  • Restrooms: To reduce paper waste and expenses, we recently eliminated folded paper towels.
  • Landscaping: We will reduce our landscaping maintenance services, including seasonal plantings and improvement projects.
  • Housekeeping: We will reduce the frequency of carpet cleaning, window cleaning and exterior pressure washing. 
  • Personnel moves: In an effort to reduce costs, all office moves must now be approved by the departmental vice president and the vice president, worldwide real estate.
  • Energy management: We will continue to focus on energy management by optimizing our HVAC systems and reducing after-hours/weekend usage.
  • Miscellaneous: We will eliminate our interior plant maintenance service, and reduce painting and other non-essential maintenance items.
Small changes can add up to big savings. Thank you for your understanding and support as we look for ways to Spend Less, while still providing a safe, well-maintained and productive office environment for employees and visitors.

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  1. I don't even know what to say about that. I'm glad I drink my coffee black.



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