Feb 14, 2012

On this Day: February 14

Historically, this day is not all about love.  If you don't wish to celebrate Valentine's Day, feel free to enjoy one of the others below.  Me?  I'm celebrating Penicillin Day!
Lead Story
St. Valentine beheaded, 278
American Revolution
Patriots defeat Loyalists at Kettle Creek, 1779
Toyota patriarch born, 1867
Civil War
Union General Sherman enters Meridian, Mississippi, 1864
Cold War
Sandinistas agree to free elections, 1989
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre, 1929
Tornadoes sweep through southern Georgia, 2000
General Interest
Captain Cook killed in Hawaii, 1779
Valentine's Day Massacre takes place, 1929
Penicillin discovered, 1929
Hedda Hopper’s first column appears in the L.A. Times, 1938
The Boz Ball celebrates Dickens, 1842
The B-52's play their first gig, 1977
Old West
First trainload of oranges leaves Los Angeles, 1886
Theodore Roosevelt's wife and mother die, 1884
Olympic speed skater Jansen falls after sister dies, 1988
Vietnam War
Kennedy authorizes U.S. advisors to fire in self-defense, 1962
Gallup Poll released, 1970
World War I
Wilson presents draft covenant for League of Nations, 1919
World War II
Battle of the Kasserine Pass, 1943

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  1. I didn't actually realize poor old St. Valentine had been beheaded. I knew he was short.



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