Feb 23, 2012


The role of the parent is like a farmer- from seed to reaping fruit a plant must be taken care of, nourished and weeded.  A child requires the same, for we are raising adults that will be fruitful and successful.

During childhood, we punish our children for doing what we teach them to be wrong.  But as I am considering parenting, I am coming to understand that this method of raising [soon to be] adults; we must not rely on punishment alone to grow adults.

To grow adults, we must encourage and assist the child in decision making, and how to make them correctly.

Teach them consequences and let the consequences (punishments) replicate what the child will face as an adult. Spanking, whipping, hitting the child in any way doesn't teach them anything but stronghand.  Taking something away from them for sake of payback is useless as well.  For example, if the child gets in trouble for arguing/ fighting with another student, taking away his computer is not appropriate.

If a parent's role is government and control only, the child will set out to break the rules and resent you as a parent and a pattern of conflict will consume the household.

Everything you teach your child, he'll remember for life, just like your teaching him to ride a bike.

Focus on teaching.  Guidance.  Support.  Acceptance.

Read children and the conformity circle- he'll step out of your circle to build his own-
Testing Boundaries

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